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  • Modern Planet Top 20 of 2020

    This year's top-sellers, new and noteworthy favorites, tried-and-true classics, and pieces we love!

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Originally introduced in 1963 and relaunched in 1997, the CH07 Shell Chair is considered one of Hans J. Wegner’s most iconic and groundbreaking designs. Its floating lightness is achieved through its wing-like seat and curved backrest held by a frame with three arched legs.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Stylish and functional, the On-The-Move Side Table is equipped with a handle and removable table top to easily move from room-to-room, indoors and out.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Inspired by the black keys of a piano, the LZF Black Note Suspension Lamp consists of a rhythmic arrangement of rising and falling wood veneer shades with metallic frame, finished in black and anthracite tones.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    A sleek design paired with a powerful ceramic mill, Menu Bottle Grinders make light work of grinding a wide range of spices.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    The little wooden bird that has become an icon in modern home décor. The Vitra Eames House Bird can be spotted in countless midcentury-inspired homes.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    The Beta Wall/Ceiling lamp - even when not illuminated - adds a unique design element to any space.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Designed by Alain van Havre, the Mikado Oval Dining Table exchanges the rectangular tabletop for an ellipse, creating a strong sense of togetherness and connection.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    The Capas Rug features layers of color, tonality and shadow to generate intense depth with a rich colour palette that blends seamlessly into any environment.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Designed by Laura Mattila and Mikko Merz, the Koti bench is named after the Finnish word for "home". Its clean, minimalist design makes it the perfect fit for a wide range of interiors.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Bold personality and detailed construction make Fritz Hansen’s anniversary edition Carimate truly special.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Regarded as Arne Jacobsen's best known design, the AJ Table Lamp is distinctive yet functional with an emphasis on flawless light distribution.

    9-gus-VERSIONThe Carmichael Bed fuses traditional and contemporary sensibilities, bringing clean, modern lines to a classic style.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    In no other design has Finn Juhl’s fascination with surrealism been more apparent than in his Pelican Chair. With its characteristic soft organic shape that hugs the body, the Pelican Chair is as comfortable as it is eye-catching and offers several ways to sit.

    A perpetual blossom of new branches that multiplies by the meter, Heracleum Endless Suspension Lamp has endless possibilities.

    Inspired by the stance and general demeanour of a bull, the Slab Desk is solid and sturdy with a gentle rounded edge to soften its profile.

    The Paperclip Stool is purposeful, unique, simple and beautiful. Its tubular steel frame offers a clean design that beckons impromptu gathering and comfortable conversations.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Watch the movements of the elegant Flensted Drifting Clouds Mobile and remember what it feels like to lie in a field of grass on a warm summer day, watching the clouds drift over the blue sky.

    Inspired by the arrangement of barnacles on a rock surface, the 21 is fabricated from thin sheets of porcelain wrapped around trumpet-shaped frosted glass diffusers.

    Carl Hansen & Son Table Sale

    Versatile, comfortable and undeniably unique, the Panton Chair is an icon of twentieth century design. As striking as it is as a modern sculptural piece, the Panton Chair is also incredibly durable, easy to clean, flexible and stackable!

    A soft version of the classic Florence Lounge collection, Florence Knoll™ Relaxed Sofa offers deeper proportions for a more relaxed sit. And this year, we're all about a more relaxed sit.

    We hope you enjoyed our top 20 of 2020 list, shop the collection below!

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  • New Brand Spotlight - Mater

    Mater Banner


    Recycled fish nets and ocean plastic waste, aluminum scrap metal, sustainable mango wood – these are the raw materials that define Mater’s design. Founded in Copenhagen in 2006, Mater is committed to long lasting sustainable furniture design. We’re proud to bring this exceptional brand to Modern Planet Insiders, who appreciate both style and sustainability.

    Mater means mother in Latin, and is a daily reminder to the company of the Mother Earth they strive to protect in their sustainable furniture, lighting and accessories. Mater works with a range of designers who are equally committed to finding better ways of making beautiful design in a responsible way.

    Recycled and upcycled raw materials

    Using FSC certified wood and reused wood waste, Mater also upcycles aluminum, ocean plastic waste and post-industrial waste in their designs. Their designers create timeless furniture, that is manufactured with respect for people, local craftsmanship and the materials used. Scandinavian minimalism guides their design, in all its simplicity and durability.

    Nova Sea

    Mater Nova Sea Chair

    The Mater Nova Sea Chair has a light elegant shape and metal frames. It’s made from recycled ocean plastic waste, such as discarded fish nets. The fish nets are cleaned, and then turned into small plastic pellets called “green plastic.” The chair fits both residential and commercial spaces and comes with and without armrests and upholstery.


    Mater Bowl Table

    The elegant Mater Bowl Table is made of sustainably harvested mango wood. Mango forests are scattered all over India. Once the tree ends its productive life as a fruit tree, it’s cut down to make room for new trees. Instead of burning the wood, the mango is processed and dried at local workshops to be used as upcycled material in furniture. Once the productive life of an Indian mango tree is over, another one is planted to replace it.

    mater bowl table

    The Bowl Table mixes the craftsmanship of old India with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. The table is turned on a lathe, showcasing the skill of Kharadi, an Indian wood turning community. The Bowl Table can stand alone or be paired as a side table vignette.


    Mater Recycled Aluminum Stool

    You’d never guess this stunning Mater Recycled Aluminum Stool is made from scrap aluminum, like old car components and bicycle wheels, gathered from across India. To produce a usable product, the aluminum waste is mixed with 30% pure aluminum and melted into bars. Skilled craftsmen in northern India then practice the ancient technique of sand casting, where sand is used as mould material. After the mould cavities and gate system are created by compacting the sand around the models, the melted metal is poured into the mould box to create the stool.


    Mater The Dining Chair

    The Mater Dining Chair is designed by the renowned design studio Space Copenhagen. The wooden frame is carefully crafted in FSC certified wood, which sustainably sourced from well managed forestry. With its organic, yet minimalistic style, the dining chair has a clear sculptural quality, making it almost a design object in itself.

    The shape of the backrest, upholstered with a soft and durable leather, embraces the human body in a comfortable way so that it outweighs the need for armrests. This collection is characterized by balancing opposites — classic and modern, industrial and organic, sculptural and minimal, light and shade.

    The Lounge Chair21 (1)


    Mater Lounge Chair

    Also constructed from wood sustainably sourced from well-managed forests, The Mater Lounge Chair, is classic, simple and sculptural. The backrest and seat are larger and generously rounded for a heightened sense of comfort. They are upholstered in a soft, durable leather that is fully supportive and comfortable without needing armrests. The curves embrace and support the body, with a backrest angled in a slightly upright position for a relaxed sitting experience.


    From recycled fish nets to Scandi design, there are a lot of reasons to like Mater. Their goal is to change the perception of what good design is — pushing the boundaries of sustainability and aesthetics, caring for Mother Earth and next generations.


  • Why GROW MODERN with GUS*?

    An interview with Modern Planet by Gabriel Ross owner and president, Ross Taylor, on his appreciation for Gus* Modern's designs, environmental commitment and appeal to a wide selection of customers.



    Q: With Modern Planet’s history of selling higher-end furnishings, how and why did you decide to become an online GUS* dealer?

    A: GUS* has been on our radar for some time now. The fact that they have a strong environmental ethos only helped to cement this decision to offer this line to our US customers, through Modern Planet by Gabriel Ross. For the first time this year, the whole line is accessible to anyone across the US who appreciates the clean lines of this design and wants to make it a part of their homes.

    From Jan 9-26, 2020, we're excited about the #Growmodern event, which offers our customers 15% off the entire Gus* line.

    Q: What can you tell us about their environmental ethos?

    A: When I bring anything new into my home, I want to know if there are any nasty chemicals used in the manufacturing process, and how this might affect the air quality in my home?

    I think it’s important to say that, in this price point, environmental standards are usually not part of the equation. So, if someone is trying to decide between GUS* and some other brand, I think GUS* does a great job.

    Fire retardants are at the top of my deal breaker list. GUS* furniture meets the California TB117-2013 Fire Safety Standards, and they do this without using flame retardants.

    They also strive to be California Air Resources Board Phase ll Compliant.

    GUS* exclusively uses FSC-Certified woods, so you can be assured that their woods are all sourced in environmentally and socially responsible ways.



    Another initiative they’ve taken on is the use of synthetic down which is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. This alone helps prevent over 600,000 bottles per year from entering our landfills.

    Q: What can you tell us about their designs?

    A: It’s well known how I feel about authenticity in design. After all, our tagline is: Always Authentic... so I love that their designs are their designs.

    Beyond that, GUS* designs can feel at home in almost any setting. They have a little of something for everyone, and that also means they have a lot of everything for some people, too!

    GUS* has a full range of products that includes sofas and lounge chairs, dining tables and dining chairs, credenzas, beds, night tables, lighting and home accessories. They even have some amazing area rugs.

    Q: Are there any pieces in the line that stand out to you?

    A: There really is a little bit of something in every category.

    The Jane 2 Bi-Sectional has always been a client favourite and the Jane 2 Sofa is also on that list.


    In the lounge chair category, I like the Truss chair. It has a solid wood frame, and although it’s smaller in scale, it has quite generous seating.


    For dining, you really should take a look at the Wychwood dining table. It’s available in walnut or black ash and is perfect for that smaller space. This table would pair very nicely with the Lecture Chair. Even better with the Upholstered version.


    For good reason, the Carmichael Bed continues to sell well. This is one of those beds that crosses the line between contemporary and traditional, so it appeals to a broad range of clients.


    If you’re looking for a decent sofa bed that can sleep two people, it is pretty hard to beat the Flipside Sofabed. It’s priced so well, and makes a nice sofa and a great spare bed.


    Beyond that, everyone should really go through the line and see if there’s anything there that has personal appeal.

    Q: Will Gus* do well with your customers?

    A: I think that there is tremendous room for growth, especially in this market. We’ve been selling sofas, from a variety of manufacturers, online for 20 years now –  back then, most people thought we were crazy to think anyone would ever buy a sofa online. But in this Amazon world, that’s changing fast, and I think that GUS* hits a lot of marks for a lot of people. I think our 21st year of selling furniture online is going to set new records and I think that GUS* is going to play quite a role in that.

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