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Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Solar Outdoor Lighting by Foscarini


    When we think of a floor lamp, we normally picture an indoor lamp with a heavy base and a long tall stem with a shade at the top. SOLAR is a whole different kind of floor lamp and it's much more up close and personal with the floor... or in this case, "ground".


    Solar light by Jean Marie Massaud for Foscarini


    Also available as an indoor light, Solar is a new and very unique type of lighting. While lamps usually reflect off a ceiling or wall, Solar glows in the opposite direction illuminating the ground or floor and also offers a hard surface table top. Coined by Foscarini as a "contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat", Solar is certainly functional and beautiful at the very same time.


    Solar indoor light by Jean Marie Massaud for Foscarini


    Solar light featured in a public garden during the Venice Biennale, Italy


    Solar is available in different finishes including glossy white or dark wood for indoor and a more rustic textured patina for outdoor. By tilting Solar, you are able to control the amount of light that is emitted and create just the atmosphere you desire.

    See more of Solar on, here.





  • Welcome to Modern Planet!


    Welcome to Modern Planet by Gabriel Ross: your one stop shop for timeless modern design. Be sure to visit this blog frequently for updates on our site, new vendors, featured products and promotions!


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