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  • A Throne For Every Castle

    Like most girls, I used to love to pretend to be a princess.   There’s something so appealing about the concept of royalty to a child’s mind. Ornate costumes, beautiful castles, dragons, battles won and lost. Of course, we can’t forget the cornerstone of every little girl’s stories – romance.  A castle is quite possibly the most dramatic backdrop for any story to take place.

    We learn as we get older that these things are not always the fun and games they seemed to be.  Costumes need washing; the castles are sometimes as cold as they are lovely.  Dragons take the form of less corporeal opponents, and the battles we stand to win or lose are typically against ourselves.

    The romance, though?  We get to keep that. Sure, it might not always be with a "human", but we continue to court and be courted by the whimsy and color and forms all around us. Moooi’s Gothic Chair could not be a more frolicsome objet d’amour.



    Somehow this piece manages to encapsulate two concepts that seem to be mutually exclusive; Gothicism and glee.



    Antwerp-based design house Studio Job, the self-described creators of the “opulent, intricate and ironic” are behind the tongue-in-cheek seat treat.



    In addition to being conceptually delightful, the chairs are available in any combination of 10 base colors 7 button colors for your visual enjoyment, too.

    Base options: Light Grey Dark Grey Blue Green Brown White Yellow Orange Pink Red

    Button options: Light Grey Dark Grey Blue White Yellow Red Green



    Whether you’re dining or standing on them (because, obviously, the floor has turned to lava) you can’t help feeling like a prince or princess with these functional playthings about.

    The chairs are also made of polyethylene, which means that unlike the innocence of your childhood they can be brought back to “like new” condition with a moist cloth and some washing liquid.

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