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Our Visit With Gregg Buchbinder From Emeco

We had a such an amazing evening here in our showroom with Emeco CEO Gregg Buchbinder.
Gregg spoke quite passionately about what inspired him to take his company towards sustainability.
It was great to hear about his younger days growing up in Huntingdon Beach California and surfing every day, to his current passion creating a product made entirely of recycled material, that is not destined for the landfill.

Gregg and Ross

Gregg described how, unlike most contemporary design companies, their designs are materials driven.
Emeco’s materials developers go to incredible lengths to create bespoke raw materials that are now used in some of their competitors products as well.

Some interesting facts about the materials that go into the 111 chair:

  • Originally produced in partnership with Coca Cola as a way to upcycle used PET bottles.
  • After years of experiments Emeco developed a 100% recycled plastic that is itself 100% recyclable. The 111 chair can be ground up and turned into a brand new chair. True cradle to cradle sustainability.
  • The “Coca Cola” red 111 chair is made with a custom red dye that is highly UV resistant and specially formulated for Emeco to be non-toxic. A rarity for red dyes, most of which fade easily. If you want to know the dark side of red dyes, check out the Wikipedia page on Red 3 here:

It was a pleasure to host such a visionary.