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Mark Goetz

Mark Goetz

USA, 1963

“So my goal is to design furniture that fits into someone’s life. I want even office furniture to feel as personal as any object someone has at home.” - Mark Goetz

Goetz has been designing loved and wanted objects since 1986, after his graduation from the Pratt Institute in New York City. In 1988, he founded TZ Design in New York. He has designed a variety of products for the contract furniture industry, including tables, and more than 60 chairs. For Herman Miller, Goetz designed the Aside guest chair and the Goetz sofa - two products that seem vastly different yet embody similar themes.

He says the sofa was a “daunting challenge” because it’s part of the Herman Miller Collection of classic home and office products that define 20th century design. "If I were sitting in a room with Eames, Nelson, and Noguchi," he says, "and we were discussing design, I would be listening rather than talking. When designing the sofa, I took on that role, trying to understand the qualities of the collection that make it so wonderful. I wanted to create something that echoes the collection and respectfully adds to it."

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