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Arostegui Studio

The Designer/Maker
Cristian Arostegui G.
His Chilean background in architecture and advertising, complimented by the fine furniture program at Humber College in Toronto, helped him to refine his ability to design and handcraft his own furniture pieces. The blend of South American influences and creative/technical training materialize in to highly unique, personal and versatile furniture designs. Cristian founded Arostegui Studio, which focuses on designing, prototyping and manufacturing furniture and products.
The Studio
Our goal is to create original and unique furniture with a focus on social and environmental sustainability. A blend of materials, from wood, metal and glass to concrete and resin, result in products that are both beautiful and functional.
We believe that the involvement of our clients during the design process is crucial. Your ideas, comments and questions will be central references when designing custom made pieces. We want you to feel proud of your furniture!
The design process also considers sustainability. Local and reclaimed materials are used whenever possible. Also, we use low VOC products are in order to protect the environment, our clients and our makers.
As the founder, Cristian strives to keep all manufacturing local. Components of the pieces are sourced largely from Victoria, with occasional support from other parts of Vancouver Island and Vancouver. By keeping manufacturing local, our goal is to generate better cooperation among Victoria’s business community and support a sustainable and capable industry on the island. 

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