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Ayush Kasliwal

Ayush Kasliwal


"I believe that design is in the relationship between an object and the people who interact with it. This is a very individual experience and the result is value." - Ayush Kasliwal

Ayush Kasliwal founded his own design business (AKFD) in 2006, having studied furniture design at the National Institute of Design (NID). Ayush’s design studio AKFD is committed to developing ideas using local crafts that have evolved over centuries.

His main reason for basing the studio in Jaipur was to work with local artisans and create simple, everyday objects with them. AKFD’s products reflect a detailed understanding of processes and materials, be it beaten brass, stone carving or even mirror work. "For me, it is giving this `value’ to our customer, not only for what the product is, but for what it stands for- simplicity, honesty, and...a sense of play".


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