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Sam Hecht & Kim Colin

Sam Hecht & Kim Colin

Same Hecht - England, 1969 / Kim Colin - US

Hecht and Colin at their core embody two contrasting worldviews. He is a native Londoner, educated as an industrial designer, contemplative, and drawn to essential simplicity. She is a Californian, trained as an architect, effusive, and drawn to use the sensibilities of her discipline—emotion, scale, landscape, culture—to inform design.

“Each of us is from a different part of the world,” notes Colin, “and we collaborate constantly about ideas, methods, and opinions. Our work is never created in cultural isolation, and therefore our office behaves like a good, condensed international neighborhood, which is efficient, energetic, and pleasurable.”

Since founding their studio, Industrial Facility, in 2002, Hecht and Colin have used their “worldly views” to design objects that range in scale from the diminutive to the architectural. In addition to their work with Herman Miller, they have designed products for Yamaha (Japan), Mattiazzi (Italy), Issey Miyake (Japan), Established & Sons (UK), Louis Vuitton and Tectona (France), and Muji (Japan). Originally, in 2008 Herman Miller asked both Kim and Sam to become retained creative advisors.

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